DEAR EDITOR: This is for the fool who thinks killer husbands are a joke [Letters, John Pasaline, July 25]: What the fuck are you thinking? There is no such thing as "reverse sexism." That is a made-up term used by men who are so insecure about their own internalized sexism, that rather than work on their shit, they choose to get all hissy and blame the victim. So you say you fit into Katie Shimer's credentials for wife killers ["Is Your Husband a Killer?" July 18]. What are you trying to prove? Do you need a pat on the back or a medal for not killing your wife?

As a man, you have no right to make light of domestic violence. You will never, ever understand what it is like to be Juliet Miller, or the thousands of other women who have to deal with this on a daily basis. And what's with this "obviously some men kill their wives" bullshit? Just because it happens everyday doesn't make it any easier to accept, at least not for me.

As a woman, I have experienced oppression all my life. But as a white girl, I have no idea what it's like to live as a black woman or Arab-American man in today's society. So I can take a little "reverse racism" and accept it, because I have not had to live with racism against me every single day of my life. And, "Potential Killer," you need to recognize your own privilege and end the cycle of abuse ('cuz I don't doubt your potential).

Annie "Potential Domestic Violence Victim" M.

TO THE EDITOR: As a man very concerned about violence against women, I was happy to see Katie Shimer's article "Is Your Husband a Killer?" and I was equally dismayed at John Pasaline's letter condemning it. If we men spent one-half as much energy on confronting male violence as we do on crying "Reverse sexism!" whenever the issue comes up, we might actually begin to solve the problem of men's violence.

Bill Patrick


TO THE MERCURY: How about "Group most consistently oppressed by the Portland Mercury"--People with developmental disabilities. Every week your paper is peppered with "retard" this and "retard" that [Frank Cassano's "Kids are Imbeciles, Too!" July 25]. Why are you so free with this degrading remark? You don't use the words nigger, or chink this way. And while you may think this is an extreme comparison, I beg to differ. My comparison points out that people with developmental disabilities are a marginalized group subject to as much prejudice and socio-economic injustice as any other. Finally, to head off one last argument, the one which says "This is all in fun, like the appropriation of the terms fag, dyke, and queer by the homosexual community," consider who did the appropriating, the queer community itself. So, before you chose to degrade an oppressed demographic by using the term "retard" as a slam, why don't you ask someone with a developmental disability what they think about it, or just don't do it at all.

Paul, Pissed-Off Disabilities Advocate


DEAR EDITOR: Good job getting Frank Cassano to get his hypocritically lazy, fat ass back to torturing the unsuspecting masses. His evil wit and penchant for verbally assailing the complacent public is needed to offset the masses of PC B.S. we are subjected to mercilessly in our daily lives.

P.S. When is he going to chum it up with his evil co-compatriot Bill Sizemore?

A Frank with a Brain


DEAR NEWS DIRECTOR: I wanted to inform you about a situation in my neighborhood that has grown intolerable in the past couple of months--barking dogs. These animals live on my block and bark, howl, and wail incessantly at all hours.

I feel this is a newsworthy situation, because my plight is twofold. First, I lose many hours of healthful sleep--I write to you at 3:40 in the morning because I have been awakened again! Secondly, due to local budget cuts, there are no longer any public resources devoted to this problem. Since my neighbors have been generally unresponsive to requests to quiet these animals, I have no recourse to the law.

These dogs receive little to no attention. Is it any wonder that they bark? They are most likely in need of clean water and some exercise. But their temperament at this stage makes any such intervention on my part impossible.

Piotr Orloff

Congrats to Piotr for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week!" And though we are helpless to silence those baying hounds that are driving him to the brink of insanity, we will award Piotr two free passes to the Laurelhurst Theater, providing a few hours of repose.