DEAR MERCURY—I want to start by saying I am a regular reader of the Mercury. I am also a Christian. I know I'm a minority as far as the demographics of your publication, but not all Christians are the far right, evangelical extremists. The article on the Christian war room, I believe, demonstrated the antithesis of one extreme with another ["The Holy War Room," Feature, March 1]. I didn't mind the references to radical evangelicals and their warped ideas, but he [Scott Moore] also lumped all Christians into the "anti-gay, anti-woman" category. This is an entirely inaccurate depiction and it is completely unfair to make such a blanket statement about all Christianity.



DEAR MERCURY—I recently was handed a flier for a homeless rights protest, displaying the picture of the guy being "choked" by a police officer, and I was initially outraged. Then I got home and read the Mercury's article ["Choked Up," News, March 1] and realized that maybe this kid could use a night in jail to realize the harsh facts of life, like how you don't blatantly slam beers in front of Pioneer Place unless you want to get arrested. I fully support homeless rights, but setting yourself in a position to get fucked with by pigs, and then whining about it, especially crying "police brutality" when you have no fucking clue what real police brutality feels like, not only makes you look like the boy who cried wolf, it makes you look like a whiny little bitch. 

Blackout Colin


DEAR MERCURY—After reading Ms. Skinner's (ironic name, no?) article on the fur industry and Schumacher Fur going-out-of-business sale, I have a hard time recalling the feelings of love I had for the Merc ["Love and Death in the Fur Industry," Sold Out, March 8]. Marjorie states that leather is more environmentally friendly than vegan petroleum leather. Leather tanning requires dozens of chemicals that have been proven to cause multiple types of cancers and other diseases in tannery workers and those who live in close proximity to leather factories.

Sky Bilchuk


MARJORIE—Thanks for writing a measured and rational piece ["Love and Death in the Fur Industry," Sold Out, March 8]. I especially appreciated your comment: "Leather, for instance, is back (for most of us it never went away, including a rather hefty portion of the dietary vegans) with a shinier reputation—the vanguard of sustainability prize leather as a much longer-lasting and renewable resource over those petroleum-based vegan shoes." It needed to be said.

Holly Brunk


DEAR MERCURY—Thanks for your article on the proposed Gold's Gym in the former Wild Oats location on Division ["Gym Fight," News, March 8]. Gold's Gym is the world's largest chain of gyms. The city's Division Green Street/Main Street Plan seeks to retain "the local scale of retail along Division." The addition of a Gold's Gym franchise would achieve a result directly opposite of the plan's stated goal.



DEAR MERCURY—Just to remind you: Modest Mouse still sucks. A well-written perspective on the band—while notable for the fact that something well written appeared in your paper—does not change that ["Born Anew," Music, March 8]. Modest Mouse is the perfect encapsulation of what is so boring about modern rock bands: They are white, whiney, manipulative little losers that have to mine all the "pain" they can to cobble together the appearance of a strong personality.



DEAR MERCURY—In response to "Cop-y Shop," I, Anonymous, March 8, I have this to say: You dickless worm. Just because you make $65k a year working half days only means you're ripping someone else off. You and other soulless, image-conscious, idle douches can just come on down to my work when I get off. You won't look so pretty anymore drinking your schmuckaccino through a coma.

LeRoy Stevedor

CONGRATULATIONS TO LEROY for unleashing his fury through the pen, and not the sword, and winning the Letter of the Week! In an effort to calm LeRoy, we're giving him two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch for two at No Fish! Go Fish!, where even dickless worms get good service.