TO THE EDITOR: You sick fucks continue to give us beautiful homos a bad name ["Den of Sin," Justin Sanders, Feb 20]. In an age that no longer requires men to secretly meet up in such "establishments," sex clubs serve little purpose other than to provide uglier-than-fuck old men with ill-founded fantasies of being somehow still sexually attractive. They also potentially propagate a new generation of people who shouldn't have to suffer with a virus that shows no mercy.

To print such a blatantly ignorant article is to, in a sense, glamorize the reasons that HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are making a comeback. By sensationalizing an activity that an insignificantly small portion of the homosexual demographic participates in, you have intentionally and single-handedly wrecked the loving, committed, monogamous example of a homosexual relationship that my partner and I have tried so diligently to set as a standard. Thanks.

Clinton C. Christian


TO JULIANNE SHEPHERD: Kudos on your recent "Dance Club" story ["Dance Club: the International Phenomenon," Feb 27]. It brings to mind a similar club that me and my friends have. It's called "Turkey Club." Maybe I, too, can write a "story" for the Mercury?

Let me explain "Turkey Club." We go to various restaurants and order sandwiches. It doesn't matter what kind of sandwich--sometimes BLTs, sometimes Sloppy Joes. (Ironically enough, the one sandwich no one ever orders is a turkey club sandwich, being that turkey tastes foul. Get it? FOUL FOWL HA HA HA HA! Anyways )

So, after eating our sandwiches, we like to stand up and yell "Turkey Club!" much to the bewilderment of the other patrons. We have a rollicking good time. Oh! I forgot to mention, we too dress up as different nationalities. Last week we dressed as Belgians. Plus, Turkey Club is a politically activist ideological stance against mega-corporate farmers' dominating the farm industry.

At any rate, Turkey Club is a non-discriminatory club, and next Thursday you can find us at the Clackamas Red Robin. Hope to see you there! Thank you, and viva la Turkey Club!

Gil McDougald


TO PHIL BUSSE: Impeach Bush for his war plans? You are, in effect, protesting to keep a regime in power that does not allow protest. Is the irony of that lost on you? Let's pretend for a moment you worked for the Baghdad Mercury instead of the Portland Mercury. If you wrote an article with even half the level of dissent shown in your article, you would be dead or tortured in ways you haven't dared to imagine. That's the system you want to preserve?

Let's assume there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction. He still has to go. Even peaceniks agree that Hussein needs to be removed for the good of his people. How, then? Will he wake up one day with a crisis of conscience and say, "Gosh, I shouldn't have killed one million of my own people and sent missiles into Israel when they weren't even involved in the Gulf War"? And, "Maybe I shouldn't be cutting checks to the families of Palestinians who blow up children on busses, and just resign?"



TO THE EDITOR: Humphrey plays right into Francesconi's hand ["Unzip Francesconi's Lip Contest," Wm. Steven Humphrey, Feb 27]. Francesconi outlined the brushstrokes, by painting a big question mark around the validity of the Mercury as a forum where his views would be taken seriously. And then Francesconi just sat back; and in what amounted to a blind stroke to his own ego, Humphrey plunged a dagger into the heart of any journalistic credibility the Mercury enjoyed.

Wrapping it up in a contest, and plastering the guy zipper-mouthed inside, does not increase the paper's "forum" credibility one bit; as point of fact, this display tears it down by your own hand. Thus proving Francesconi's claim without him having to say a word or lift a finger. And leaves Humphrey selling out whatever aspirations to "seriousness" the Mercury may have had. All of this leaves the lasting impression that not as much Francesconi, but Humphrey, was the fool.

Adam Silver

CONGRATS TO ADAM for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week"! For helping us realize that "credibility" is highly overrated, Adam will receive two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and a $20 gift diners' certificate to Le Happy. (By the way, that $200 bucks for making Francesconi unzip his lip is still up for grabs! See page 6 for details!)