TO THE EDITOR, VIA VOICE MAIL: "Bueños Días. I picked up your paper today, with that big headline that Laurelhurst had fallen, and I was just terrified ["Laurelhurst Falls," Mercury cover, April 17]! You know, there are so many morons in Portland that think they have to destroy anything that has to do with France, so I thought 'My god, what's happening?' But then, after I took the paper home, I find out it's all a big joke--oh ha-ha-ha-ha! Well it's not funny when you do this people. You are part of the terrorists! You contribute to them! Adieu!"


TO KATIE SHIMER, VIA VOICEMAIL: "Hey Katie, yeah, just read your article about my film, Spun [Film, "Sit and Spin," April 17]. Next time, if you're going to lambaste my film, you should put my name [Creighton Vero] in there. Because, you know, "bad press" is really "good press." Anyway, thanks for your non-objective review."


TO MARJORIE SKINNER: Thanks for your review of Monsoon Wife [Film Shorts, April 17]. Your review was appreciated and well written. Your criticism was constructive and fair. Indeed, my next movie will have a sharper, more focused narrative line. Your review should help in getting more people to attend.

Marlin Darrah, Director, Monsoon Wife


TO CARMELO MARTINEZ: I am writing in regard to your article "War Song Roundup, Part 2" [Music, April 10]. I just can't shake how disgusted I am with your summation of the four songs and the patriotic country artists who wrote them.

In particular was your physical description of Darryl Worley, author of "Have You Forgotten." Never before do I recall reading in a music review such a mean-spirited attack on an artist who wrote a beautiful song and whose intentions appear good. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the song will go to military families in need. (Something you might have mentioned in your summary, IF you weren't so biased.)

And just so you know, not only rednecks, racists, and truck drivers enjoy these songs. I am a college-educated young woman who was very touched by "Have You Forgotten"--why wouldn't I be? How could anyone who lived through September 11th not be?

I can't imagine why people like you (yes, part of that "damn liberal media") seem to think that being patriotic and supporting our country are feelings to be ridiculed.

S. Willis


TO THE EDITOR: How refreshing! A nominally left/alt publication printing an article about guns which wasn't condescending or pedantic ["Die, Clay Pigeon, Die," Manu Berelli, April 17]. Can you teach Willy Week how to do this?

If Mr. Berelli would like to take the next step towards the dark side, I'd be happy to escort him to The Place To Shoot, a pistol range by Delta Park. He can even use my guns and save the cost of a pistol.

Curtis E. Bryant


TO THE MERCURY: Wm. Steven Humphrey is a religious, historical, and philosophical ignoramus ["I Love Television, Crucifixion: Kind of a Downer," April 17]. His wistful angst at the lack of Eastery television fare was--I know--meant as entertainment but his suggestion of removing the Crucifixion from Easter was short-sighted and immature. Playing fast and loose with the mysteries of life is serious business.

First, The Ten Commandments is on because Passover was last Thursday, and because the Exodus is seen in Christianity as a crypto-Resurrection; leaving slavery (sin, condemnation) for the promised land (God, heaven).

Secondly, removal of the Crucifixion from Easter would excise one of the positive contributions of Christianity, since the Crucifixion teaches: A) The redemptive value of suffering (people who have suffered greatly tend to be more mature, patient, magnanimous, and humble, I'm sorry to say); B) The worth of self-sacrifice, or sacrifice as the ultimate good (witness soldiers in war, or your mother [I hope]); and C) the value of non-resistance to evil, which informed Tolstoy, whose ideas passed to Gandhi, and thence to Martin Luther King, Jr. And to complain that the Crucifixion is a "downer" is pretty hypocritical, considering all the ads for piercings, tattoos, and Rob Zombie offerings that your publication offers.

Andrew Shaffer

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