TO THE EDITOR: Since when is it funny to kill a prostitute? [I, Anonymous, "Hooker with a Heart of Cold," Sept 4]. When is it funny to kill anyone? The Mercury seems to be opposed to the Bush administration going into Iraq and killing innocent people. Yet, somehow killing a woman here in America is good fun. If this would have been a child or a teacher would you publish this murderer's letter? I think not. More than likely you would have informed the police. But never mind that; let's all have a good laugh at a drug user's confession of murdering a prostitute.

Chris Roberts

The Editor responds: First of all, it was the prostitute who "killed" the drug-using john--not the other way around. Secondly, you're right; murder is not funny. However, it is "interesting." Thirdly, "I, Anonymous" is a venue for readers to make anonymous accusations and confessions. Therefore whether the murdered party is a child, a teacher, a prostitute, a coke-addled john, or someone like you who obviously failed his reading comprehension classes, we will probably print it-- because as mentioned earlier, murder is interesting.


TO THE MERCURY: Thank god Vera Katz has finally decided to take the bull by the horns and force Police Chief Kroeker out of office [News, "Exit Stage Left," Sept 4]. In his speech, he professes his love for Portland and its people. Most would call that an abusive relationship. Kroeker stated that the police force has been "maligned improperly because of superficiality and the inability to judge the true character of the work of the organization." Well, when you have a force that's hell bent on silencing people by pepper-spraying babies at demonstrations, it's really difficult. How can we support something we have become terrified of?

Chief Kroeker has torn this city apart because of his heavy-handed tactics against the people he supposedly loves. For all of us who believe that public officials should be accountable, I hope Kroeker has the decency to never again seek public office here in Portland.

James Dineen


TO THE EDITOR: I was surprised to see the Mercury giving front-page coverage to a Democratic presidential candidate, but more surprised by the fact Dean was chosen ["Flying High," Sandeep Kaushik, Sept 4]. Since the Mercury is an "alternative paper" why pick such a well-funded middle-of-the-road stuffed shirt? Kaushik's coverage included a Bush-bashing jab at health care (granted, easy enoughÉ ) but failed to include that Dean's plan is profit-based and not universal. Kucinich and Moseley Braun are the only candidates advocating single payer universal health care.

Dean's overly "grass-roots" schtick is probably an attempt to gloss over his extremely upper-class background and to divert attention away from his flip-flops on campaign finance, his assertions that the military needs more money, and that he has received "A" ratings from the NRA eight elections in a row! Dean was pro-unilateral action against Iraq if WMD were found; Kucinich was the ONLY candidate serving to actively oppose Bush and has been a pro-peace and diplomacy activist for years.

Mainstream outlets have given this Repub... errÉ "Democrat" enough free press; I hope there is some serious Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, and Moseley Braun press soon!

Deb Reitenour


TO THE MERCURY: This is for Laila Winner ["Letters," Sept 4, wherein Laila criticized Ann Romano for her report on a UC Berkeley study that claims "conservatism is a neurosis"]. News flash: ALL studies are biased. Duh! That's what makes them so much fun! And deal with it--conservatives are ass-heads. Especially ones that write letters to alternative weeklies protesting the inhumane treatment of someone like George Bush, who has executed more people than any other governor in U.S. history, including convicts both retarded and innocent!

Believe me, the man does not need sticking up for. He is a racist, sexist, homophobic troglodyte who should be horse-whipped. If you don't like reading liberal slander of asshole republicans, then don't read the Mercury! Read The Way Things Ought to Be by Rush "Talent on Loan from God" Limbaugh. Conservatives and their supporters can eat a bag of dicks as far as I'm concerned, and any "study" that compares Bush to Hitler is okay with me.

The Amazing Battlecat

CONGRATS TO THE AMAZING BATTLECAT for winning the Mercury "Letter of the Week." This prize package includes two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, two free Yoga classes from Yoga Union, and two passes to see Holly Golightly at Dante's on Saturday, Sept 27. Fight on, Battlecat, fight on!