DEAR MERCURY—Another debacle ["So Long, Clowns," News, July 5]. We've never been to Burning Man. The neighborhood business association did NOT raise money for the T-shirts. The project is a collaboration between the Clown House, a few neighborhood businesses, and a local activist. Like many people here in NE PDX, we are moving to cheaper digs. T-shirts will be available next week at the Nest, the Tin Shed, Origin Flowers, and Healthy Pets NW. Proceeds help fund our move.

Clown House Mgmt.


DEAR MERCURY—The "wanted" poster called for "the arrest and prosecution for murder" of the police officers who killed James Chasse ["Naughty or Nice?" News, July 5]. I do not want people to shoot the police, nor do I think people who see it will shoot the police. I want police to be heroes, and I want to respect them, but their constant threat of extreme violence creates a culture of fear. I want to challenge people to not forget, and remind them that the police are accountable to us.

Richard Prentice


DEAREST PORTLAND MERCURY—I just saw the letter from Donovan Skirvin ["Made in China," Letters, June 28] in which Duchess was mentioned. After meeting with clients and designing and patterning suits to meet their wishes, the suits are cut and tailored to our specifications by our tailors located in Bangkok, Thailand (a world center of fine tailoring), not China. Fortunately, I've found a way to offer a fine custom suit for a good price and do so using responsible labor practices. I'm offended by Mr. Skirvin's readiness to tread on other small local businesses. We work hard, as we're sure he does, and spend the money we earn locally.

Seyta Selter, Duchess Clothier


DEAR MERCURY—Huh... Did Chas Bowie just say that the blues' "most recent chapter plays out with a bunch of white guys in ponytails wanking out," and then go immediately into a ringing endorsement of Eric Burdon and the Animals ["Death to the Hoochie Coochie Man," Music, July 5]? If you feel that the blues only had "a few genuinely brilliant innovators," it might be worth mentioning that some of those innovators are headlining this festival (James Cotton, Pinetop Perkins, and Charlie Musselwhite to name just a few off the top of my head).



DEAR MERCURY—I initially skimmed this article and thought the points it made were nice and refreshing, actually ["Help Needed," Music, June 28]. It focused less on the antics and more on the effect that this band [Fall Out Boy] has had—and suggests that the powers, and the personal intelligence, of one Mister [Pete] Wentz can be used for good. However, when I went back through to read it more thoroughly, the first sentence about lead singer Patrick [Stump] made me stop short. I should not have to say how incredibly rude and unprofessional [it is] to refer to such a talented musician as a pig. This is highly disappointing, and really takes away from the credibility of the writer.

Rolling Eyes in South Bend, IN


DEAR MERCURY—GALACTIC [DOESN'T] BY any MEANS OR by the BROADEST DEFINITION QUALIFY AS A HIPPIE JAM BAND. I LISTEN TO GALACTIC FOR THE SAME REASONS I DRINK THE BEST BREW and SMOKE THE FINEST HERB, it beats the shit out of listening to excruciating boring music like the Decemberists, drinking corporate piss like Pabst, or paying top dollar to my hippie dealer for grade B commercial herb because he doesn't like my cooler-than-thou snotty stuck-up hipster bitch attitude. Oh, and how original: a hippie patchouli slam. The thing is, ignorant fucks like you don't have the olfactory senses to realize that petro-chemical toxic underarm deodorants, perfumes, and colognes smell just as bad! You want to hear a good hippie joke? How many Deadheads does it take to change a light bulb? One to change it, 10 to record it, and a few thousand to follow it around the country after it's burnt out.

Shameless Hippie

HA HA HA! That was a good hippie joke! Even the part at the end. For making us laugh, Shameless Hippie gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, plus lunch for two at No Fish! Go Fish! where you will note that shirts and shoes are required.