HEY THERE, MR. BOWIE!—Loved your review ["Victims and Voyeurism," Film, Sept 13]. Especially revealing is your interpretation of the film [Kamp Katrina], and our role in exploiting the situation. And of course the audiences feel the exact way you do, which means that we never get a chance to discuss the issues present in the film because they're too ideological[ly] stringent and righteous in their beliefs.

David Redmon, director Kamp Katrina


DEAR MERCURY—I am new to town—it's a great town—and while reading the current issue of your newspaper I discovered a review of a vegan restaurant ["Coincidentally Vegan," Last Supper, Sept 13]. Where I come from, there aren't many restaurants that specialize in vegan food—nor are there any newspapers that would devote nearly half a page to the little known culinary delight that is vegan cooking. I was walking up the street today, smoking American Spirits and trying not to step on bugs, when I approached a group of young people standing on a corner. I asked my new friends where I could find Nutshell, the vegan restaurant reviewed in your newspaper. But they told me where to find a better vegan restaurant, one that was cheaper and had larger portions. I will go to "El Gaucho" this evening, and in the morning I will write my own review. My stomach is upset from lunch, probably because there were insects killed in the making of my salad, but I'm sure dinner will be excellent.

Christian Skipper, Vegan


DEAR MERCURY—Your Back to School Issue ["Poli-Sci Is Easy," Back to School Issue, Sept 13] made several omissions. For one, PSU Progressive Student Union is the group that successfully got PSU to become the ninth college in the country to kick Taco Bell off campus, in support of the nationally successful boycott for a living wage for Florida farm workers, organized by CIW (Coalition of Immokalee Workers). Currently, we work on the Coke-Odwalla Boycott for human rights in Colombia—in August, 2007, the University of Illinois kicked Coke off campus, joining NYU, Rutgers, DePaul, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore colleges in 86ing Coke products from their campuses. Last, but not necessarily least, your Back to School Issue, in the bookstore and movie categories, left out Progressive Student Union's free Saturday night Progressive Film Fest at Laughing Horse Books, which, for fall term, features films on Ireland and six African countries.

Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union


DEAR MERCURY—First, I'd like to thank the Mercury for giving the International Socialist Organization (ISO) some publicity in last week's back to school guide ["Poli-Sci Is Easy," Back to School Issue, Sept 13]. For a look into who we REALLY are, check out our newspaper at

Andrea H.

PS: Most of us prefer the term "women." At least afford us some respect.


DEAR ANN [ROMANO]—I could very well be one of your oldest groupies. There may come a day when I will be using my walker or the Missus will be pushing me in my chair, but your columns provide me with the incentive to get out of bed every morning—well, at least on Thursdays. Which brings me to your column of Thursday, September 13 [One Day at a Time], in which you share with your readers lustful thoughts for Angelina's current squeeze, Brad Pitt. Having been hitched now for over 30 years, it is one thing to experience lust for someone other than one's mate, spouse, or significant other, but to put these thoughts in print for public dissemination—shameful!



DEAR MERCURY—Brad Pitt is crying about being old and ugly and creaky at 43 [One Day at a Time, Sept 13]? I'm 43, in the best shape of my life—without the benefit of a personal trainer or belonging to some punkass health club—still routinely get carded, and I'll kick Brad's wrinkly old ass any day of the goddamn week.

Jason "The Hammer" Smith

CONGRATULATIONS TO JASON for his slam on that pansy ass punkass Brad Pitt and his thrice-weekly manicures and silly fretfulness over wrinkles. Did Clint Eastwood gasp and panic over every new liver spot? We think not! Jason wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where people of all ages eat pretty.