HEY MERCURY: That's a nice Nazi insinuation you got there in your New Column last week ["!Achtung! Introducing der New Wllamette Week Logo!" Oct 4]! Wow! Deliberately engineered genocide is so funny, and their new logo is just evil. Wait, what's that? You didn't really think that through, did you... that the Nazis were mass-murdering genocidal maniacs that nearly took over the world? You didn't actually mean to accuse the WW of supporting the extermination of the Jewish race, WWII, and the death, incarceration, starvation, and torture of millions of innocent people?

Steve Bock

THE MERCURY RESPONDS: Who's insinuating? Currently the WW is the leading cause of boredom-related Jew deaths.


DEAR MERCURY—Amy Ruiz's story ["The Interstate Solution," News, Oct 11] analyzes the current fight over renaming Interstate for labor leader César Chávez in North Portland. At Portland State, the PSU Progressive Student Union advocates that, in addition to renaming Interstate for the former United Farm Workers leader, PSU itself should change its name to César Chávez University. When some of us recently listened to Chávez cohort and UFW organizer Delores Huerta talk, in east LA, at the national conference of Students Against Sweatshops, Huerta noted that farm workers are among the most vital workers in the world, putting food on people's tables, and yet are among the world's most vulnerable populations. Perhaps the real question is: Is Portland simply a city of Anglo yuppie wine consumers, or a community where we honor the workers who harvest the grapes to start with?

Lew Church, Coordinator, PSU Progressive Student Union


[The following comments were posted on the Mercury's Blogtown, PDX (blogtown.portlandmercury.com), in response to a posting that invited all citizens who don't care whether or not Interstate Avenue is renamed after César Chávez to finally have a chance to be heard. Check out the fun, breaking news, arts, morally disgusting videos, and more every day on Blogtown, PDX!]

As an impartial outsider and Portland newcomer, I have two suggestions. One: immediately renaming the street César "Interstate" Chávez without consulting either side. Two: only rename every other street corner César Chávez. This would cost half as much and both sides would still win!

Posted by A-Minus

Hey! I'm part Irish! When are they going to name a street after St. Patrick—or better yet—Lucky the Leprechaun? Lucky Lane! When? Wait, I'm drunk now and don't care any more. Who wants to fight?

Posted by Lance Chess


DEAR MERKURY—Am veriy veriy disgust with letter you print last week. Stupid girl (prostitiut no dout) is write wanting to meet Amerikan mens and you print letter—with EMAIL ADDRESS! I am here in THIS kontry, in PORTLAND as matter of fact and any Amerikan mans who want go out with me do not have to marriage me and get me green kard 1st. Am disgust bekause when I kom to Portland am tell my frainds want to meet deerty but handsom heepster boys in Merkury and my frainds say, 'No. Is you have to pay' so I say 'No biggies. Is amerika home of kapitalism so what am I expekt?' But then you preent that letter from green kard loving prostitiut for free. Veriy well. Am have myspace 3 years now anyone want write me, they kan. Only problem is I get mail from mans mostly not in Portland. IS SUCK! You tell readers for saik of fairness they kan write ME, oksana, and no hav to marriage to date me. Am disgust but hopeful.

Oksana Skolichnayakova

OH SNAP, OKSANA! You just laid a big old bitch slap on previous letter writer Natalia. "Prostitiut"? Girl, that is some harsh shit. Let us give you a tip, however: unless you are a band (maybe), MySpace is kind of over. It's filled with losers who spend hours each day tinkering with their "online profiles" with various aims that all boil down to loneliness and desperation. Some of them even have FAKE profiles! We know, sad. In addition to that gem of wisdom, you win two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater (maybe you can take a heepster boy?) and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where all races, classes, and persuasions are united under food.