DEAR MERCURY—I'm writing in regards to Graham Barey's article, "Blame Canada" [Music, Nov 29]. I think the author may be projecting some of his personal issues onto the music. I thought Buck [65] justified his departure from hiphop pretty well when he stated that there are Johnny Cash songs way harder than any gangster rap song. Of course, I know where you're coming from. I hate it when a perfectly good underground act starts catering to the tastes of indie snobs and becomes the property of dumbfuck arrogant hipsters like yourself.

Stephen F. Wood


DEAR MERCURY—In "A Bitter Pill" [News, Nov 29], Dr. Printz makes the ignorant and incompetent statement "Clinical trials are a good way for women to access the health care system... through a research environment, we basically work to further the services Planned Parenthood provides." Not only does Printz unethically present medical research as a suitable replacement for affordable contraceptive health care, she fails to note that her "doctorate" degree is a Ph.D. in health policy and politics and her B.A is in history and literature. The ability to analyze Shelley's Ode to the West Wind for references to flatulence should not be confused for an ability to properly determine contraceptive health care. I recommend Printz limit her brain farts to discussions pertaining to the global implications of Harry Potter, and leave contraceptive health care decisions to those who have actually attended medical school.

 Marcus Griffith


DEAR MERCURY—"Archaic recruitment system" aside, I would hazard a guess that it might be difficult to fill an application roster with high-caliber talent eager to endure the rigorous training necessary to become polished professional officers, only to find themselves viciously denigrated in the eyes of the public by "progressive" rags like the Portland Mercury, that consistently vilify and demonize the local police at every opportunity ["Where Are the Cops?" News, Nov 29]. Add to that the insane, politically correct constraints placed upon police by policies such as "racial profiling" that seek to punish an officer for, say, a 70 percent minority arrest rate even if he or she patrols an area that is, say, 70 percent minority. Social engineers and their advocates who tinker in this and many other ways, introduce a variety of sicknesses into the social body and when the socio-political corpus is sufficiently ill, prescribe more of the poison that made the patient sick in the first place.

Danny Darrell Duncan


DEAR MERCURY—Thank you for printing the article "In Security" in this week's Mercury [News, Dec 6, depicting downtown security officer Michael Anglin's sketchy past]. After being arrested and thrown in jail on my birthday for a DUI when I wasn't even driving my car, going through a year of tortuous depression and anxiety awaiting a trial, sitting in court for two days listening to some douchebag defile my name and try to make me look like a "criminal," LOSING, being sent back to jail, sitting on probation for two years, and going about five grand in debt—it's comforting to know that a coward like Anglin, who didn't even have the balls to show up to his court date (after admitting ON RECORD that he is guilty) is allowed by our state and our justice system to roam the streets with a FUCKING 9mm handgun!! And this Anglin fellow, who has demonstrated that he is irresponsible, reckless, angry, and potentially violent—is allowed to go about his life with a fucking slap on the wrist and still keep his job carrying a gun in OUR streets!!


Has security officer Anglin finally been suspended? See News, pg. 8 for the full story. And... CONGRATULATIONS TO M.D. for reminding us of all the injustices in the world—clearly our work here is not done. M.D. gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where you will (probably) not be accused of alcoholism.


See those great Bishop's Barbershop photos on the back of our paper every week? They're taken by Ray Gordon, even though we incorrectly stated in our auction issue that they are taken by Chris Ryan. Sorry for the mix-up!