DEAR MERCURY—Thank you and Rich Mackin for exposing BigTime Entertainment ["Big Time Controversy," Feature, Nov 30]. A few months ago my bandmates and I were contacted by BigTime via our MySpace page to do a show. Since we are still just starting out on the Portland circuit, we thought playing the Hawthorne Theatre would be a great opportunity. Well, after selling over $300's worth of tickets, not getting the time slot we wanted, and then being informed we only had 20 minutes for a set, we knew we were dealing with complete fucktards. And to top it all off, they put us on a bill with a "Christian" metal band.

Nick Brainsic


DEAR MERCURY—I hate hearing the "L" word used as an epithet [they mean "libertarian," not "lesbian"-eds.], especially in oh-so-tolerant Portland, but I pity ignorant yobs who fling it at those not qualified to bear the label ["Bonus A-Hole," Letters, Nov 30]. I'm used to being treated as a third-class citizen, reviled by those of more "respectable" persuasions, and marginalized by the media. But please, don't slap OUR label on some undeserving Hummer-driving "R" or freaking "D." Libertarians think government should protect the peaceful exercise of individual rights; no one and no group should initiate force against others, or try to ban private and consensual activities among adults. We support your right to speak freely, bear arms, medicate yourself, and marry or not marry whomever you please. Sure, there are rich libertarians, and plenty of a-hole "Ls" too, but most by far are working- or middle-class folks trying to make the world a better place. So please, fling that "L" word at me. I deserve it. Be careful, though. A real libertarian might hear you, might be armed, and surely DON'T NEED NO STINKING PERMIT.



DEAR MERCURY—I happened on this article while surfing because of its mention of Krispy Kreme ["Go Away Rachael Ray," I Love Television, Dec 7]. I found it hateful and revolting. I'd love to see a photo of the author who wants every person on TV to be a 10. What a stupid elitist desire—probably one of some fat slob. Then to go on to criticize the appearance of the very attractive (and I think charming) Rachael Ray. Give me a break. Give your readers a break too, and trash your writer with the affected name and bad mouth, Wm. Steven Humphrey.

 Carol Meyer


DEAR MERCURY—Well done!! So good to see that other people think like me, although [it] isn't really her [Rachael Ray] physical appearance [that's] my problem with her, my real problem is with the fraud she represents: Her 30-Minute Meal is impossible, she lacks hygiene and class, and most of all, she can't stop talking, so she ends up lying a lot! I can't believe she has a daytime syndicated TV show!! What a blow on American intelligence!! I'm from another country and I used to think that Americans were so smart!



DEAR MERCURY—I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Mr. Humphrey's article on Rachael Ray ["Go Away Rachael Ray," I Love Television, Dec 7]. I too have watched in fascination at the slow disappearance of Rachael Ray's neck with each show that she has. Why does she feel the need to yell at us ALL THE TIME? Does she feel that us viewers all have ADHD, so she has to repeat every story and every "tip" over and over again? Now she is even on my Nabisco cracker boxes and she has a Christmas CD coming out. Enough is enough already!!!

 Christine Nguyen

CONGRATULATIONS TO CHRISTINE for recognizing the scourge of television, Rachael Ray, as the neckless, screaming, repetitious, cracker box-hoggin', Christmas CD-peddlin' pest that she is! We're giving Christine two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where she can watch movies that Rachael Ray is not in, and lunch for two at No Fish! Go Fish!, where Rachael Ray has never cooked.