Letters to the Editor


Could there be a Mercury feature, "Straight Sex With Brian Cobb"? One paragraph is not enough!
May I add a snippit to your story 'Snip Tuck'?

Not being of the heterosexual persuasion issues around reproduction have never come up. But since it seems a big deal with 'those people' perhaps the solution my sister and her husband came up with would be instructive. Since they had four children and my sister would almost prefer to be dead than pregnant again and since her husband would love to have more children my sister decided that it was up to her to get 'altered.' And so it came to pass. I think that the one who doesn't want (more) children is the one who should take action and not demand if of the other. We are all adults here aren't we?

No, Slow Bump, it is not that easy. First of all, such surgury is not as easy for a woman as a man.

Second, if our second child had been delivered by ceasarian as the first was, my wife would have had the surgury right then and there. But because he was "natural birth", the ball was in my court, and as a result, I manned up, and got the snip, and was out of the office in under a half and hour.