Kalah Allen

I know you are young, and your mommas didn't have time to teach you everything you needed to know before you got your first apartment, but here's a tip: Your bathroom blinds should be closed. Maybe not all the time, but when you are using the toilet, or the shower, or you are undressed, you want to protect your privacy. You may not have noticed, but the distance between your bathroom window and my bedroom and living room windows is about 10 feet. If I wanted to, I could watch everything you do in there. So far, I have been a gentleman and only watched you put on your make-up and brush your teeth while you were dressed. I cannot promise I won't have a moment of weakness, though, so why tempt fate? Furthermore, when I first moved in, the fellow who had the place before me had left the blinds arranged in such a way that pretty well convinces me he was watching more than what you do at the sink. Does that creep you out? Well, it should. Your landlord was thoughtful enough to provide you with blinds for that window. Would it hurt you to use them?—Anonymous