Kalah Allen
I'm the redhead you tried to scam and then verbally assaulted. But I'm not so "easy." Your routine needs work, for starters. It's hard to believe someone having car troubles on I-5 would be on the opposite side of town. What, are you Superman now? You saw your grand opportunity to give me the "sales pitch," which I ignored because I don't need to fucking hear your problems. Then you screamed, "Fucking bitch!" and threatened to throw me off the overpass. Oh, how rude I am for not giving you the attention you erroneously think you're entitled to. Finally, I said I couldn't help. You responded, "That's all you had to say, bitch. I hope your boyfriend beats the fuck out of you every night... " EXCUUUUSE ME?! Let's get one thing straight, asshole. You have no right whatsoever to dominate any woman under any circumstances. Yeah, you really sound like a guy who ran out of gas on the freeway! When you end up in prison, I hope your boyfriend rapes the fuck out of you every night.