Tonight, Vice President Al Gore asked for America's patience with his legal challenge of George W. Bush's certified victory in Florida. America responded with "Huh? Patience? Surewhatever" and went back to watching Ally McBeal to see if Robert Downey Jr. looked high. Meanwhile, if anyone cares, One Day had the worst day of her life today! The day started off when we were leaving the house and noticed that one of our brand new Steve Madden shoes ripped at the seam, which was just enough to distract us from the large pile of dog poo we stepped in. Then, driving to work, a man in a truck flipped us off for no reason! When we arrived at work, at least three people asked if we smelled dog poop, to which we responded, "Yes, we smell poop, and we see it too! HERE!!" as we showed them the befouled bottom of our torn Steve Madden. At lunch, we got in a fight with our husband Kip because we're PMSing and accidentally said something rude about his Christian sister--but here's where things went really bad. After lunch, we stopped at Java Macabre for a caramel apple cider which sloshed on our hand and burned us. As we were leaving we simply couldn't take it any more and cried out, "WE HATE THE WORLD TODAY!" just in time to round the corner and see a bum vomit at our feet. Sounds like the world isn't too fond of us, either.

Researchers this week believe they have confirmed a long-held suspicion that women listen better than men. A crack-team of audiologists at the University of Toronto subjected a group of men and women to an audio tape reading of John Grisham's The Brethren. By scanning the electromagnetic activity of the subjects' brains while they listened to the thriller, the Canadian whiz team was able to compare the listening habits between genders. Surprise, surprise! Men only use half of their brains while listening, the scientists found. What the scientists weren't able to conclude, however, is whether the subjected men were simply impervious to the wily, page-turning charms of Grisham or if the results would have been the same if, say, they were forced to listen to replays of last year's Stanley Cup?

While One Day generally likes to stay away from those "News of the Weird" type of stories that happen in faraway countries like Bhutan--this one is irresistible! Today, a customer at a McDonald's restaurant in Newport News, Virginia, opened up her box of chicken wings and found a fried chicken's head. The woman--one Katherine Ortega--was uncommonly surprised to find that a dead animal's head had somehow found it's way into her food, regardless of the fact that McDonald's is well-reputed for serving over a billion mass-produced frozen animal parts per day. In fact, she stormed up to the restaurant's manager and informed him that "I usually look at my foodbut I shouldn't have to look that closely to see THAT!" while pointing at the crispy fried chicken head. The manager was quick to make things right with the woman by giving Ortega another order of chicken (gee, thanks!). He also offered to return the chicken's head to the distribution company (where they will probably place it in their museum of unusual "found" food products, alongside the rat-tail yakisoba, and gangster-thumb fettuccine).

Today, while anarchists engaged in a post-WTO nostalgia march in Seattle, funnyman David Spade was tasered by his personal assistant in Beverly Hills! Spade, who is best known for his work in Saturday Night Live and more recently in the unamusing sitcom Just Shoot Me, was awakened at 6 am by his personal aide who shocked him with a stun gun. The assistant, 29-year-old David Malloy of Los Angeles, was apparently trying to rob his boss' house, and took off as Spade spazzed out on the floor. After dialing 911, Spade was treated and released by paramedics and the police caught up with Malloy soon after. It's currently unclear whether Spade will press charges as the two have been good friends for five years, and Spade believes that Malloy is "mentally troubled." Two bits of evidence would counteract that accusation, however; Malloy lives with the very hot actress Kristy Swanson, as well as the fact that he shocked David Spade with a stun gun, which isn't quite as crazy as it is hilarious.

According to the front page of the New York Times today, MAD COW DISEASE is PANICKING EUROPE. Is this news? Europe is always panicking about something. If it's not the bubonic plague, it's EuroDisney. If it's not the Crusades, it's Hollywood. If it's not nukes, it's the price of petrol. You know who's always behind it, don't you? It's the French. They're always there in their berets waving their baguettes around, using their special language, and whining about whatnot. Acid rain. The ozone. Organic produce. Fascism. They get all their neighbors jazzed up on eclairs and then bring up "the Resistance," and how a few French rebels are somehow responsible for winning back Europe from the Nazis. (Hello? Remember the Vichy?) Now they've started up with their beef worries and everyone from Athens to Hamburg is all-a-twitter. These were, after all, the people who wanted to euthanize the English during their little bovine spongiform encephalopathy scare. Our advice? Stop the hysteria and eat at Burger King, mes amis. They don't use real meat anyway.

In the latest Florida election twist, The Oregonian reported today that at least 445 felons voted illegally in the state of Florida. That number only reflects a review of nearly half a million ballots cast in 12 Florida counties. If the numbers hold across all 67 counties, it could mean that upwards of 5,000 felons voted statewide. This is despite the state's multi-million dollar purge of dead and illegal voters from the lists of registered voters, which makes one wonder if a few dead folks may have made the rolls as well. The thieves, murderers and highwaymen, bless their hearts, voted overwhelmingly Democratic. The dead, we suspect, voted Republican.

Has anyone else been impressed with the sheer number of flags the candidates have been able to squeeze into a camera shot these days? One flag just doesn't cut it anymore, because the more flags you stand next to, the more presidential you'll look, and the more people in Peoria, Illinois, will, when polled, name you the sole and rightful leader of the universe. How silly has it gotten? Let's review. According to the New York Times (which cares about such things), here are some personal bests: Bush: Nov. 26, two large flags. Cheney: Nov. 27, 14 Old Glories. Gore: Later that night, eight Yankee Hankies. Bush: Nov. 28, 342 large flags stacked like cordwood. Cheney: Dec. 1, 411 tiny little flags on toothpicks. Gore: Dec. 2, spotted jogging with daughters in a flag-patterned lycra bodysuit. If that doesn't win it for him, ain't nothing will.

So what happened to YOU this week?