Alright. I've got a few things to say about Ezra's post re: the nature of Bloggers. First, we do not all pay taxes. I haven't filed in about the last three years. This haunts me. I will probably not receive a kicker check to spend on imported goods. FUCK! Also, some mothers get the internet. Mine does. Sometimes I picture her reading what I've written here and cringe, like I'm sure she did after reading that bit about the taxes.

But that's neither here nor there, I suppose. So let's get to the immediate, as there will always be more time for me to put off paying my taxes.

To the point: TONIGHT. HUNCHES. EAST END. Here are the basics:

(East End, 203 SE Grand) Tonight I'm putting you all on double awesome excitement (the opposite of double secret probation). Why? Well, first off it's Eat Skull's record release party. The noisy, major-scale-whomping, two-chord pounding, fuzz-punk, Technicolor chunk-blowers shall celebrate the release of their first full-length for Siltbreeze records. It's called Sick to Death and the vinyl is limited, so if that's your bag, you'd better climb in. Second reason: the Hunches. Since the soon-to-be legendary Portland band performs once every four months, and since the end is in sight, well, that should be all you need to know. But just for the official record, here's the latest: The Hunches' upcoming and final album is finished. It should be out in September. A departure in many ways, it's fucking incredible. There'll be a release party, a West Coast tour, and that's it. ANDREW R TONRY

Also, Cary Clarke's column in the paper this week focuses on Eat Skull's new album.

I have to say though, it's the Hunches that are really making the salivary glands gush. They've been practicing their butts off lately, and appear to be energized. Re-vitalized, if you will--after all it's been quite a while since their last show.

I asked the band if I could give a preview of the new album via releasing a song on End Hits and they said 'no'. So we'll just have to wait on that one. I'll keep trying, and maybe as we get closer to the September release date it'll happen. For now though, you'll just have to take my word for it--the new album is fucking awesome. New studio, new sound, just phenomenal. It's going to make them so many new fans who might have been turned off by the scuzzy earlier recordings that when the band finally quits it's going to seem criminal. But these are the things that must be done--unlike paying your taxes.