In between the bouts of Nigerian pop and whatever new crosses my desk, I keep coming back to the Profane Existence (yes, they actually exist outside references in Hold Steady songs) released Resistography by famed Portland punk band Resist.

Huh, punk rock in the Mercury? Aren't you guys just a bunch of emo bedwetters who never cover punk music?

Let me answer that: Yes, yes, and it's a bladder problem which we are taking medication for, thank you very much. Pissed sheets aside, it's true, this paper's coverage of the local punk music scene has been downright pathetic in the past. We're working on that, I swear. Oh, and if you know your (local) punk and are interested in sharing your knowledge as a freelancer for us, let me know.

Anyway, back to Resist. The Resistography offers an excellent look at a band that ruled the local punk rock roost from the late '80s through 1994 (they are back together now, billed as "more mature and sober" than their early days ) with a brutal dose of blaring anthems (Common enemies: The government, intolerance, and the government some more. ) that dabbled in basement hardcore, but seldom strayed far from their straight-forward progressive message. In short, they were one of the more important punk bands on the West Coast, and this anthology does an excellent job of capturing that, right down to the iconic black and white artwork.

If the band ever gets back to me regarding my interview request, look for more Resist coverage to come. If not, get ready for 750 words on emo songs to wet the bed to.

Resist - Get Ahead

Resist - Resistography