Like boozing? Yeah, me too. So it's probably safe to say that you also enjoy Steve Buscemi's masterful/depressing-as-fuck movie Trees Lounge. Drinking, ice cream trucks, a teenage Chloë Sevigny, and more drinking—need I say more? Anyway, the film's soundtrack featured a breezy number from Hayden, who used lines from the movie to construct the song:

You have a pretty name

Pretty like your name

Lets play a drinking game

And If I win I get to take you home

and if you win you go home with me

I have a feeling that he, to this day, still regrets wearing that godawful cowboy hat.

But the Canadian singer-songwriter—who, in the wake of Beck's quick success on Geffen, was primed to be a major label darling (it never happened)—is primarily known for his delicate folk songs that center around his deep drawl and introspective songwriting. I've always been a fan of the simple setup of "Home by Saturday," with the all-too-honest line of:

Last night in New York City

I met a girl almost as pretty

And if I had one more whiskey

Everything would have all just slipped away

His latest, In Field & Town, is more restrained folk from an artist who seems very content in his role as a performer. Here's hoping tonight's show at the Aladdin lives up to a few of his stellar past Portland shows.