rollerball.jpgPhoto by K.C. Stimson

Attention, musicians of Portland: Rollerball has been here longer than you. The prolific collective has been transgressing boundaries and stomping all over musical genres long before you ever dreamed of packing the Subaru and hitting the Oregon trail. And as willfully weird as you think your alt-freak-skronk-noise project is, Rollerball has already done it, with results that range from conventional songcraft to free-jazz pinwheeling to outer-wind motorik spacewalking. Ahura, their 14th record—that's right, 14th—celebrates its release tonight, with confident explorations and a warped, enveloping production that makes you feel like you're trapped inside the snare drum. "Cesena Sweat Pants" assembles a looping piano figure with wandering airpipe sax, while the tense, red-heat "Towel Boy Tent" features gargles and creepy babbling, sounding like something from a Dario Argento flick.
Rollerball - Cesena Sweat Pants