I know everybody is lathering in their jeans about the Constantines tonight, but don't forget that they are merely the icing on a three-tiered cake of rocking awesomeness. Local band the Weather Underground is a great, poppy rock group with solid songs and precision playing, but Ladyhawk is on the bill as well. This is enough to get excited about in and of itself. It's rock 'n' roll the way your stoner older cousin remembers: bitchin' Camaros, unironic mullets, cheap beer, sleeveless T's, not exceptionally attractive but more-than-willing chicks. What more could you ask for?

This is perhaps unfairly boiling down Ladyhawk to a stereotype, but their music is punchy, accelerated, rocking, and completely un-self-conscious. If you're headed to the show tonight (and if not, why aren't you?) be sure to dig the Rawk-Hawk (a nickname that I've just coined for Ladyhawk, and should probably never be used again) before sucking down the main course.

Ladyhawk - "S.T.H.D."