Freshly inked to German label Tomlab, the Parenthetical Girls have released the first single from their upcoming long-player, Entanglements. Lead by the guy who used to have my job (and the title of Portland's Best Dressed Music Critic, 2004-2005), Zac Pennington, the Girls are set to release the new album on the 9th of September, and if this preview is any indication, you can expect a much fuller--and more ambitious--sound than anything the band has done in the past. But I'll let them explain it:

An orchestral song cycle of grand sonic ambition, Entanglements is an eleven-song, linear narrative of ascendancy, adolescent sexuality, quantum mechanics, consent, and other moral ambiguities - all set to an elaborately orchestrated olio of Modern Classical and timeworn, traditional American pop forms.

Oh, I so was going to say "quantum mechanics," but I just needed to Google it first to see what it meant.


Parenthetical Girls - "A Song For Ellie Greenwich"