frame.jpgAn example of the "rock family tree" as drawn by Pete Frame.

Canadian band Wolf Parade plays tonight at the Crystal, and if ever a band has a tangled genealogy, it is this one:

• Keyboardist Spencer Krug has done time in Frog Eyes, and also has a couple side projects with Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake. (Swan Lake, meanwhile, features Dan Bejar, who also plays in Destroyer, Hello Blue Roses, and the New Pornographers, which features members of about a bajillion other bands.)

• Guitarist Dan Boeckner, who was formerly in Atlas Strategic, plays with his wife Alexei Perry in Handsome Furs, and if the new Furs album Face Control due later this year is anywhere as good as last year's Plague Park, it's going to be a damn fine one.

• Meanwhile, Dante DeCaro (who used to be in Hot Hot Heat) is also the leader of the fine, fine band Johnny and the Moon, whose songs are so good that it seems a crime that none of DeCaro's songs appear on any Wolf Parade releases.

• And further more, Johnny and the Moon shares its hometown of Shawnigan Lake (on Victoria Island, BC) with tonight's opening act, Listening Party, to further close the circle of connections.

We need Pete Frame to sort this one out.


Wolf Parade - "An Animal in Your Care"

Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, $15, 9 pm