(Roseland Grill, 8 NW 6th) I got drunk for the first time ever at a house party with the members of Jimmy Eat World--and while I was not of legal age, I can say that in no way does Jimmy Eat World LLC., their parent record label, or management, support underage drinking of any kind--years ago when the band was wrapping up touring on Static Prevails ("Best record ever." - Me, age 18). Like so many shaggy-headed emo boys of that era, Jimmy Eat World were the gleaming beacon of hope that this small music scene with its terrible name that we so passionately believed in, could be something real someday. They were on Capitol Records, they were accessible, and if people would just take a moment to listen, they'd understand what we already knew. And they did. But these past few records--namely last year's Chase the Light--represent the band at a difficult crossroad: Can modern emo's elder statesman grow old in a young man's game? Do kids care about the emotional lyrics of a band pushing their mid-30s? Plus, years ago at that party, what the hell was I drinking? Amaretto and orange juice? God, I am such a pussy. EAC