(This may look like a shitty photo, but I assure you this is exactly what it looked like in that tiny, hot, cramped room. The picture actually does the show a lot of justice.)

Last night was pretty fantastic, mainly because I got to see Vivian Girls at a crazy ass loft party. It was hot. Like, sweat in your eyes hot. They played upstairs (again, the venue was just a door, and seeing as how we got there a little early, it kind of made things more complicated then they should have been), and while, yes, being upstairs led to probably more heat then there should have been, it was a nice apartment, with a courtyard out back where everyone was out getting drunk. It's hard not to conjure up images that I have implanted in my head of what this city should be like, but last night felt pretty genuine.

The band rips. Holy hell. Live, it's just noise, noise, and more noise. The vocals had so much reverb on them that when the band talked in between songs, I couldn't understand a thing. There was talk at one point of there needing to be more bass, but Frankie, who was playing bass at that point, said it was up literally as high as it could go. And it felt like it. The band shredded through about fifteen songs, maybe, but none of them lasted over two minutes. The drums were all cymbals, the guitar sounded like it was on fire, and the three of them just belted it out the entire time. Between that and the intense heat in the room they played, I left feeling pretty floored. Vivian Girls are going to be real big, real soon, and I'm glad I got to see them play to a home crowd on their home turf.

Oh, I went to Other Music too. I was expecting that place to be a mecca of snark and pretentiousness, but it actually was pretty okay. I saw Fred Thomas, of Saturday Looks Good To Me, lingering around (I'm still not sure if he was working or not), and I spent, oh, $29 on three seven inches. Broken down, that's around $4 per song. Yikes.

Today I'm going to go see David Byrne play the building, and tonight is another soon to be big band, Crystal Stilts. Again, as long as the hangover tomorrow isn't too crippling, there will more updates to follow.