I wanted to tell you it's a slow day--and for a number of reasons it is. It's Monday, not too hot, not too cool and there's not a worthwhile show on the docket. These are good things. They make uninterrupted work possible.

And so what I planned to do was post a song that captured this feeling--something off Beta Band's Three EP's or a nice, meandering Yo La Tengo track. Those ideas were squashed when I discovered The Tallest Man On Earth, which may well become my new obsession.

The Tallest Man is a solo folk artist from Sweden, who deservedly draws comparisons to a young Dylan--he's aping the icon and frankly, he does it so well I'm happy. This song, "The Gardner" doesn't showcase Kristian Matsson's brilliant finger-picking skills, but it's just a ferocious, forward-barreling performance. I've got the goddamn thing on repeat. It's just incredible. The blurry, dark video actually does the mystique service, enhancing the haunting beatiful imagery of the words, rather than depending on the eyes. (There are videos of clearer performances available.)

The Tallest Man In The World: "The Gardener"

If you're diggin' it, check out a few more songs via Myspace, notably: "Steal Tomorrow" and "Pistol Dreams."

This is wicked, radical poetry.