Talking to P4K, the Thermals frontman Hutch Harris shares some details on their upcoming full-length, Now We Can See?, which might, or might not, be out on Sub Pop later this year.

Nothing is for sure right now for us. Sub Pop offered us a contract for two more records which we ended up turning down, this was a little while ago. We had no problems with Sub Pop and we absolutely loved working with them, Kathy [Foster] and I just felt that we needed to go it alone again, for ourselves, for our "art", if even for just a short while. We've considered releasing the record ourselves, or licensing it ourselves to different territories. We are currently talking to many great labels, one of them being Sub Pop. It's still my favorite label.

Harris also shared a tracklisting (after the jump) and discussed the band's dolls (see above) and his desire to soil the reputation of a perfectly innocent Japanese kitten mascot: "Hello Kitty, she's such a hot slut...."

That quote is totally out of context, but it just reads better that way. Sorry. No word yet if the band will be playing Kumoricon 2008, but judging by Harris' comments, the answer is a definitive YES. See you there...

Now We Can See? Tracklisting:
When I Died
I Called Out Your Name
When I Was Afraid
Liquid In, Liquid Out
I Let It Go
At the Bottom of the Sea
When We Were Alive
Now We Can See
Dreaming of You (And How We Fade)
You Dissolve