Seattle beard-farmers Fleet Foxes have suffered some van woes (just look that at thing, it's a hunk of junk) and had to cancel their Salt Lake City show (this is a good thing) and their Music Millennium instore (this is a bad thing). But their sold-out show Friday at the Doug Fir, that is still happening.

Sub Pop says this:

This same non-functioning van will also cause the band to miss the in-store performance they have scheduled for 6:00 pm on Friday July 25th at Portland’s excellent Music Millennium . We are truly sorry to be the bearers of this piece of bad news: Friday’s Fleet Foxes in-store at Music Millennium is hereby canceled. We are trying to reschedule something at Music Millennium in September and will keep you posted on any progress on that front.

Sorry kids. No instore for you. Now only if there was some sort of all-age event going on that day. Hmmm...

Thanks to Cary for the tip.