There's something exciting about the unknown. Like tonight, I have really no idea what King Louie and Terry have planned. Sure, I know it's going to be some sort of tribute to Portland lost and beloved Exploding Hearts. But that's really all I can say.

Will they play those fabulous scrappy bubblegum odes to lost love and sniffing glue? And if they do, how will they arrange it? Terry played lead, and Louie added keyboards on the album and co-wrote a few tracks. The whole thing's a goddamn mystery.

And yet, I think it has potential to be great.

So I'm going, and you should too. Tonight at Slabtown, King Louie and Terry. And since we really don't know what we're getting into (though we're doing it with open hearts), let's just jam this now-classic for posterity's sake:

Exploding Hearts - "Throwaway Style":