(Dante's, 1 SW 3rd) When Portland proto-grunge act Napalm Beach played its first show in four years in January, there were no promises the reunion would continue, save for a cryptic message on the group's then-derelict MySpace page: "2008 has got to be the year of the bitch!" This was, of course, a reference to "My Master Calls," a dope-and-dirge standout from the band's out-of-print 1993 album, Curiosities. "I'd kill for my bitch," vocalist/guitarist Chris Newman belts, dropping distorted, dyslexic "Louie Louie" chords, "because I care." As it turns out, he still cares, extending the Napalm Beach reunion with tonight's show and a new live album, Kill For My Bitch. If it isn't the year of the bitch, it'll at least be easier to find Napalm Beach in stores--now that's a bitch. MIKE MEYER


Napalm Beach - "My Master Calls"

Photo: Ilan Laks