I cannot hide my excitement on this one: Audika Records just posted two (new) Arthur Russell songs on their Myspace. Not only that, Love is Overtaking Me, the new Russell collection, has an official release date of October 28th!

The two new songs are slices of Russell's more folk-influenced side, specifically "Close My Eyes," a haunting little country number played on acoustic guitar that is probably one of the more straight ahead songs Russell probably ever composed. For a man that was so deep into the avant-garde scene, it's nice to hear what he could do stripped of all that ethereal business, and the result only solidifies his genius as a songwriter. "Eli," the second track currently streaming, is more of what you would expect, with Russell strumming away at the cello and singing in that nasal-y warble.

Of all the records I'm still excited to hear this year, Love is Overtaking Me is without a doubt at the top of my list. The idea of hearing new (to me) Arthur Russell tracks, specifically more straight away folk, is more exciting than just about anything I can think of right now.

Seriously, go listen to these songs now.