That thing above is the new, complete, streaming album from David Byrne and Brian Eno. It's kind of a cool little app, on one hand (though it could certainly use more photos). That said, I find it very difficult to sit and actually listen to the thing in its entirety in such a format. In short, I can't really listen to music on the web. Hate it, actually. Previews, yes. iPod, yes. Downloads, yes. But streaming web apps, no.

This scares me because that little app that Byrne and Eno put forth could become a sort of album of the future. You got your art, could have liner notes, and whatever the fuck else in a neat, portable little package. Good God. Then there'll be all kinds of interactive art that shoots by as you listen. I don't know about this. Curious to hear your thoughts: listen to much streaming music on the web?

Oh, and regarding the music, I think Buddyhead got it right: "pretty good record for two old farts"