I asked a friend with a Musicfest NW pass last night who he was excited to see. His response: "there's not really any shows I leave for a free falafel." Wow. OK, I know it's not the strongest lineup ever, but it's still going to be worthwhile.

And as far as can't miss shows go, I've got two:

1.) Monotonix, tonight at Satyircon. Dudes blow shit up, light it on fire then eat it. Chain lightning is an apt description is you ask me. And shit, they flew all the way out here for this one show, then fly to New York for Saturday and Sunday shows with the Silver Jews. Show up and thank 'em for coming all this way (and yes, I understand they get paid... but cranking up that kind of energy after cross-country flights is extra special... I guess some things act as their own fuel.)

2.) LES SAVY FAV! The long-running Brooklyn art-rock foursome are the hottest shit in music. They're probably my favorite band performing today (as in, these times). With a traditional arrangement they make music that's totally fucking MODERN. Then there's the ridiculous live show led by Dynamo Tim Harrington. But, unlike say Monotonix, Les Savy Fav's songs stand head and shoulders above, even after the amazing performance art has been stripped. Fuck I'm excited.


Les Savy Fav - "We'll Make A Lover Of You":