The Rosewood Thieves - "Los Angeles"

Here's a video of the Rosewood Thieves for a song called "Los Angeles," filmed in what suspiciously looks like not Los Angeles. The Thieves are from New York and have recorded in the Poconos of Pennsylvania; they make '60s-influenced pop with nods to the piano sound of solo John Lennon and the sloping acoustic shuffle of mid-era Kinks. Their new album Rise & Shine even has very pretty artwork that looks like it's trying to look like something from the '60s, but as it turns out it actually is from the '60s. Still, they can be topical; their Myspace page has a new song posted called "Gustav," which I can only assumes is a reference to that hurricane from a few days ago. That was its name, right? Or was it Geoffrey? Gary? Ah, who remembers. Still, the song will last forever!

The Rosewood Thieves play tonight at the Towne Lounge (714 SW 20th Pl) with the Dead Trees and Slow Fires. 9:30 pm, $5