You can feel it. The cold nose and bitten cheeks, long sleeves, frozen motorcycle rides and latched windows. Heading home from the coffee shop I can smell it, cedar logs wifting from some neighborhood chimney.

Fall is here.

Which is not to say we're through with sun-warmed skin and margaritas on the patio--more moments like these are surely forecast. Indeed my animal heart predicts an especially Indian Summer this year, late into October. But things are as they are, and officially, Autumn began today.

There are parts of the cuddled and bundled up season that sound alright, too. I celebrate them here in song:

Yo La Tengo's "Our Way To Fall":

And no, I didn't just choose this song because "Fall" is in the title. To me, it Sounds like fall. I suppose I could've picked "Autumn Sweater" as well, but what are you gonna do? (Jesus, Yo La Tengo is a good goddamn cold-weather band, eh?)