Keeping with last week's frosting-soaked birthday wishes, we'll keep the candles and cake coming with an entire week of birthday related posts. At least, that is the goal. We'll probably get distracted by something shiny and lose track by mid-week, but until then...

Happy birthday Matt Sharp!

How important was Sharp to his former band, Weezer? Here are four reasons that validate Sharp as a musician: The Green Album, Maladroit, Make Believe, and The Red Album. Ever since Sharp bid adieu to Rivers and company--to focus on the Rentals, obscurity, and the Rentals some more--Weezer has transformed into the soulless vehicle of shallow pop music they are today. Coincidence? Probably not.

But enough about Weezer. Sharp is (supposedly) hard at work on a new full-length for the Rentals, which would be the follow-up to the surprisingly good Last Little Life EP that came out last year. Happy birthday, pal.


The Rentals - "Little Bit of You in Everything"