Loveless: Missing and presumed borrowed


Did I lend you my copy of Loveless? I can't find the thing anywhere. Twenty minutes scanning back and forth over my unorganized CD collection and nothing. Goddamnit. Should put that fucking mess in some kind of order. But maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

Perhaps you took it with a stack of others and forgot to return them, especially tge one with the nice blurry pink guitar on front? You know, I don't mind if you did, and I'm happy to share, but now, goddamnit, I need the thing.

Why now? Well this morning I read a live review from My Bloody Valentine's ATP show last Sunday and it left me aching for the sound. Came home to open the windows and BLAST that motherfucker so loud the whole neighborhood would tremble. But no, the CD and the case it came in, nowhere to be found.


It's been ages since I've listened to that bastard. So where the fuck is it? Kim, have you got it? Sean? Arrrrraaaaahhhhh!

I guess maybe this is the good thing about going digital, which always seems a little strange to me--when you need to hear something, it's easy to find... that is, assuming your hard drive didn't crash and eat your entire collection...