Good Luck - "West Wind Ride"

(The Coop, 3535 N Lombard) With Into Lake Griffy, Bloomington, Indiana's Good Luck have released what is quite possibly the greatest pop-punk record of the year, if not one of the best records of the year, pop, punk, or otherwise. Taking cues from acts like Samiam or early Promise Ring, the band creates kinetic energy that is equal parts sweaty basements, budding relationships, and love for their friends, and-in true Midwestern fashion-the themes are nostalgic but never anything less than overwhelmingly positive. Their songs are instantly catchy-due in large part to the pitch perfect melodies and the insanely raucous percussion-and you'd be hard pressed to find a record that is as easily playable, and repeatable, as Into Lake Griffy. ROB SIMONSEN

Hallelujah, Rocktober is among us! And, what better way to spend this month then holed up in sweaty basements, well, rocking out. It's no secret that I love me some Good Luck, and I have a pretty strong suspicion that tonight's show is only going to reinforce that love. Plus, the almighty Kickball is playing their first show in awhile, making this one to definitely not miss.