Remember all those cozy nights spent in the intimate confines of Mississippi Studios? Lovely, yes, but then they had to go ruin it all by closing down the venue for a lengthy remodeling project that will expand the space. But instead of just shuttering the venue while they swing a hammer--or admitting that power tools and indie rockers do not mix--the Miss Studio folks are making their construction projection an interactive experience.

This is the idea behind Razing Mississippi, a website where you can monitor the construction updates ("Waiting for yet another inspector to pronounce our hole to be dug correctly"), countdown the days until they re-open their doors
(Tentative opening date: March 1st, 2009), and enjoy some cute live performances from Chris Robley, Nick Jaina, Pete Krebs, and as of last week, Ritchie Young from Loch Lomond.

Watch it here!