"The Gold We're Digging"

Yes, it's Halloween, and yes, there are about a million other things happening tonight, but nothing is going to be as great as Parts & Labor at Backspace. Seriously. Their new album, Receivers, is so many types of awesome it is hard to count.

This year also saw the release of Dan Friel's solo record, which was a fucked up blast of broken electronics and definitely on the noisier side of the Parts & Labor canon. Because of that, it seems, Parts & Labor were able to make the pop record that they've been hinting at for so long now. Receivers is about as pop as noise can come, and easily one of the best records of the year. You will be left simultaneously bobbing along to the beat, rocking out with one hand, and using your other hand to check and see if your ears are bleeding.

Parts and Labor play Backspace tonight with Gowns and Chrome Wings. 9pm. $7.