A regrettable part of being a music journalist is the inevitability that you WILL miss the boat on a lot of great bands, and a lot of great musicians. If you think about it, there's no way possible to keep up with it all, and I've taken in the past few years the route of the "classics" - mainly '70s and early '80s punk rock and late-'60s folk and psychedelia. It's embarrassing to engage in discussions about a lot of bands who've come out in the last five years and have no idea what I'm talking about; or even bands I was supposedly required to drool over in the late '90s but for one reason or another (AHEM! alcohol...) I spent my time listening to nothing but hardcore. So it's with a sense of equal parts regret and elation that I FINALLY (earlier this year) listened to Eric Bachmann and Archers of Loaf. Always heard the name, never heard the music. And I will be the first to declare (for the billionth time in my fledgling journalism career) that I was a lout for having turned a blind eye to their wonderful musings.
I bring this up because I'm going to go see Bachmann's Crooked Fingers this Sunday, and if I'm not singing along to every goddamn word, DO NOT call me out on it. There are too many bands and too many labels and WAY too much shit happening for me to pretend I'm on top of it all. SO BACK OFF. And check out this Crooked Fingers vid I found and liked: