It's no secret that we adore Blue Giant around these parts. We've gushed about them on this blog, in the paper, and you should see the sexy stuff we wrote about them in the Mercury bathroom stall. (I'm not going to link to the bathroom writing, it's far too erotic, even for the internet.)

Anyway, the band that has earned our ever-loving devotion has now--as of this morning--released their Target Heart EP. Well, actually, the CD itself won't be released until the 13th of January, but you can pre-order right this very second and get an instant (256 MP3, DRM free) download of the songs right away.

Hooray for instant gratification!

The LP version, released by the 180 gram vinyl-obsessed Jealous Butcher label, will feature a pair of bonus covers as well. No matter which option you choose, you will win.