Photo by Kate Fruchey

If you're going to the Danielson show tonight at Backspace, be sure to get there in time for Cryptacize. The Bay Area trio includes Chris Curtain, formerly of Deerhoof, and Nedelle Torrisi, who in addition to being the only person I've heard of who has the female equivalent of my first name, has played with Jens Lekman, Magnolia Electric Co., Destroyer, and others, and has released a couple solo albums.


Cryptacize - "We'll Never Dream Again"

This song, from their album Dig That Treasure, was a grower for me. It initially sounded like a bunch of song fragments put haphazardly together into a sparse collage, but I grew to love its simplicity, its disdain for meter and beat, the way the second chorus is in an entirely different key from the first. It almost sounds like a lost showtune, the way the lyric trails off mid-thought.