Yes, tonight! In addition to all the other goodness happening this evening--OMG! New episode of Ace of Cakes!--Hush Records' very own Run on Sentence will celebrate the release of Oh When The Wind Comes Down with a show at A Roadside Attraction (1000 SE 12th).

Oh, and you are so invited.

The layered pop splendor of Oh When The Wind... lies in the wounded vocals of Dustin Hamman, whose delivery isn't too far from that of Neutral Milk Hotel frontman, and noted Bulgarian folk music connoisseur, Jeff Magum. And like NMH, Run on Sentence coat their songs with layer after layer of instrumentation, and a penchant for creating grand arrangements within the tight confines of a single pop song. When they do that, and propel their quaint songs deep into the pop stratosphere, they succeed.


Run on Sentence - "The Afterlife Pt. I"

Photo: Melani Brown