Denver's Dressy Bessy confects candy-coated pop rock in the same vivid Technicolor hues as fellow Elephant 6'ers the Apples in Stereo, but rather than drenching melodies in late-'60s psychedelic flourishes, Tammy Ealom keeps her songs stripped down to basic guitar riffage. Their latest album Holler and Stomp, though, sacrifices tunefulness for a jerky, mechanical approach that emphasizes the songs' repetitive weaknesses.


Dressy Bessy - "Do You Whisper?"

Also on the bill is Oklahoma's Colourmusic; the last time they came through town, the band dressed entirely in white and played pre-recorded narration between songs. It was the kind of disingenuous high-concept schtick that'll have many rolling their eyes, but the group's dense, warped, creative, psychedelic pop has a way of steamrolling its way to acceptance.


Colourmusic - "Put in a Little Gas"

White Eagle Saloon, 836 N Russell, 9:30 pm, $10