Photo by Janet Weiss

Here's a song from All Smiles, the project of former Grandaddy member Jim Fairchild.


All Smiles - "Foxes in the Furnace"

Ho, ho, Jim! You complain about the cute but irksome animals getting into your furnace, clogging up the works, and generally fucking things up (a very loose interpretation, to say the least), but look at you now! Besieged by chickens with nary a fox in sight to rescue you!

You can read all about All Smiles in this week's paper (or by clicking on these words). In the article, I mentioned how the forthcoming record, Oh for the Getting and Not Letting Go, reminds me of Elliott Smith and the Beatles, but here's what Jim had to say when I asked him about his influences for the new album.

I guess maybe the Mountain Goats and Caetano Veloso and Paul Simon. I don't really know how much influence they had on the album. Mostly I felt frustrated that it was taking so long and that is what the album sounds like to me. Without the great support of folks around me, I'd be fucked and this thing wouldn't have been made... always the case...
Oh for the Getting and Not Letting Go will hopefully be released next year, but if you can't wait—and who could blame you?—you can get a very special limited first edition silk-screened copy at the All Smiles show at the Doug Fir tonight. Tonight, All Smiles will consist of Fairchild, plus Danny Seim and Justin Harris of Menomena, and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and Black Heart Procession, which is pretty rad.

w/The Cajun Gems, Inside Voices; Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $8