So the annual RiverCity Bluegrass Festival is coming to town January 9-11, bringing pickers, grinners, singers, and sinners together for a pluck-happy, buck-slappy weekend of fun. (God. I'm sorry about that last sentence. A week off and I'm a little out of practice. Also, has anyone in real life ever heard anybody refer to Portland as the "River City"?)

It all takes place at the Oregon Convention Center, that most romantic and intimate of venues, but the party doesn't stop there, no sir! As indicated on the website, jamming is encouraged at the venue AND after hours at the Red Lion Hotel. Bring your instruments! The Red Lion is even opening up their ballroom for mandoliners and hand-drummers and all! But do heed the warning at the end of that webpage, in all red letters: "They are requesting that no one sleep in the jamming areas."