There was a time when a band signing to an independent label meant that their sound might roughly match that of their brand new contractually obligated peers. Fat Wreck Chords immediately comes to mind, even though most of their bands sounded so alike thanks to the recording practices of de facto punk engineer Ryan Greene. Not the case with every label, but with some. SideOneDummy has done almost everything to shatter this ethos (taking a cue from Epitaph, most likely), and to prove that they're not just interested in releasing music from such spectrum-spreading bands as Gogol Bordello, Chuck Ragan, Flogging Molly, 7 Seconds and Big D and the Big Kids Table (or perhaps, conversely, to prove that that's exactly what they're interested in...), they've signed none other than Rainier, Oregon punkers Broadway Calls.

While the band's enjoying the laurels of their newfound business arrangement, the jury isn't necessarily out on such venerable punk sites as, with blogger comments rifling in, wondering whether or not the move was a good one. From such thought-provoking sentiments as "SideOneDummy is turning into the new Fat Wreck Chords" to the kind-of-hilarious "does this mean they will turn into a gimmick band?"
Me, I quit caring a long time ago, in most senses, which label a band happened to be signed to. Luckily I love reading argumentative punk rock blogs, and that my allegiance to anything "Oregon" is only growing by the nanosecond.

Check out this track from the band's last self-titled release on Billie Joe Armstrong's Adeline Records, and if you live across the pond, try and catch the band opening for Alkaline Trio this month.

Broadway Calls - "Suffer the Kids"