UPDATE: Okay, some or all of this may be bullshit. We just got an email from Viva Voce that says that the album is NOT called Steve and that the picture below is NOT the cover, and that $4 wine and Photoshop are to blame for End Hits receiving this erroneous information. Sigh. Whatever, dudes. I bet the real title and cover of the upcoming VV record won't be better than this.

When they're not fronting Portland's greatest cover band Blue Giant*, Kevin and Anita Robinson are Viva Voce, and their new record Steve comes out on Barsuk on May 26.

Here's the cover:
246b/1234514912-vvstevecover.jpgHoly shit! That was totally the IT guy at my last job, before he got into all the underage solicitation trouble on the MySpace!

Steve will be 18 tracks, and the first single is called "Give Me All You Got, 'Cause I Got Nothing." (Incidentally, this phrase was heard more than once at the Mercury poker game last Friday night.) We haven't heard the album yet, but early rumors indicate that there are horns. Lots of horns. More horns that Hornel McHornerson, the lead French horn player of The Horned Hornets**.

As previously announced, Viva Voce is newly expanded to a quartet; new members are Evan Railton who plays with Blue Giant, and Corinna Repp who guested with Blue Giant last October and delivered an absolutely heartstopping, spine-shivering rendition of the Mamas and the Papas' "Dedicated to the One I Love***."

Viva Voce will appear at SXSW and do a West Coast tour before making their way back home for a show at the Aladdin Theater on March 28.

*For reals. In addition to their own stuff, Blue Giant has made fine work of the Kinks, Hawkwind, Queen, the Byrds, just off the top of my head.
**Who were twice voted "Horniest Hornblowers" at the Cape Horn Annual Hornpipe Awards.
***Again. Seriously great cover band.