As February was beginning I wrote a bit on the RPM Challenge in which participants write and record an album over the course of the month. I said I'd give a hit to any Portlanders who completed the challenge (sadly I wasn't one of them) and lo and behold, we've got one!

Bellbirds are a female-fronted, folky pop group traversing a woodsy type of indie-rock that's become Portland's sound du jour in recent months. The lead vocalist has a sturdy voice, surrounded by cute flourishes of harmony and horns.

Band member Joseph Campbell on the experience:

I'm a huge fan of the RPM Challenge... The more the word is spread about the challenge, the more folks we can have putting their internal critic aside and spreading the love each February! It's really a great motivator to throw caution to the wind and create something (anything!) without looking back.

On Bellbirds myspace page all four songs are from February, part of their RPM submission. Wouldn't be surprised if we're hearing more from these kids in the future... they sure would make a good opener for say, oh, I don't know... Blind Pilot? At somewhere like... the lovely new Mississippi Studios perhaps? (*HINT HINT, NUDGE NUDGE...).

Nice work, Bellbirds. Anyone else take on the RPM?