Yo suckers! I am going to Spain for the next two weeks. Anybody a little jeal?

Hopefully I'll run into some cool people like Juanita y Los Feos (translation: Juanita and the Uglies! I CAN USE ONLINE TRANSLATORS!!). Apparently there is a vibrant garage-rock scene in Spain, though commentary from Dead Beat records suggests that bands have trouble breaking out into the international circuit. This is quite a shame; despite their name, Juanita and friends (pictured) appear to be rather easy on the eyes, and their music is also quite attractive.


Hipsters among the cacti


Juanita y Los Feos - "No Tengo Ritmo"

I'll let you know what other good stuff I figure out over there. Let me know if you want any souvenirs— Spanish boots of Spanish leather maybe? Just an idea.