I'm not going to lie to you, dear people: I'm depressed.
I'm (temporarily) crippled, everyone I know is at the indie rock summer camp that is SXSW, and the pillow fort that I built—while drunk—collapsed. Since today marks the opening of March Madness, here at End Hits we are tipping-off the start of our very own tournament, March Sadness.

Until a national champion is crowned (it's going to be Memphis, or maybe Michigan State), we'll be posting an endless selection of sad songs. There will be no "winner" of this tournament, since—given the subject matter—there can only be losers. Sigh.


Alejandro Escovedo - "Thirteen Years"

There are sad songs, and then there is "Thirteen Years." Breakup ballads can't touch the pure sadness of Thirteen Years' title track, where a fragile Escovedo tries to make sense of his wife's suicide (after 13 years together), and being left alone with their two children. But as depressing as this song is—and it's really fucking depressing—there is some hope in Escovedo's wounded delivery, and the swelling orchestration that surrounds him. It's not the easiest song to enjoy, but perhaps that is what makes it so special.

Please send us your suggestions for future March Sadness songs. We'll get through this, together.